I design and teach programming  that explores music, history, language, social theory, and anything else that can ignite conversation (and renew our perspectives on the world around us). I work in-person and digitally.

Current and Past Courses:

Divination Theory and Practice (Fall 2022)

Empire and Collapse (Fall 2022)

Jazz Deep Dive (Digital, Fall 2022)

Japanese Postwar Music (Digital, April-May 2022)

Jazz Appreciation (In-Person, March-April, 2022)

Divination (Digital, November-December 2021)

SINOFIED: Demystifying China in Transition, 1850 – Present (Digital, February-March 2021)

Japanese History and Society Through Music (Digital, October-November 2020)

Intro to Japanese (In-Person +Digital, Ongoing since 2019)

Intro to Chinese (In-Person + Digital, Ongoing since 2019)

English Writing + Reading Comprehension (In-Person + Digital, Ongoing since 2019)

Student Testimonies:

Jillian excels at making curriculum engaging and accessible … Since she rejects the holier-than-thou, gatekeeping attitudes and practices of Academia, her pure aim to pass on uncommon knowledge and promote deeper cultural understandings is felt through the course’s relaxed learning environment… She demonstrates mastery of her scope of knowledge by adapting to the flow of discussion and by providing keen supplemental insight or relevant anecdotes to any thought, comment, or question you may raise. But most of all, her course is fun, rich, inventive, and inspiring! — Laurie P., Japanese Postwar Music

I’ve had the pleasure of taking several of Jill’s classes, and continue to sign up every time she offers a new one. No matter the subject, her classes are always the perfect blend of fun and thought-provoking. As a teacher and a person, Jill is so passionate, supportive, and down-to-earth. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to expand their horizons and have fun learning! Will D., Intro to Japanese, Intermediate Japanese, 
and Japanese Postwar Music

What a wonderfully rare combination of being able to get a glimpse into history, but dare I say, soul understanding while also HAVING A BLAST. Jill provided readings which really expanded my understanding of the ways in which we can think…  In general, these aren’t classes where someone is monotone lecturing AT you, you will also be given some opportunities to discuss really interesting and difficult things with your classmates and Jill, in a non-judgemental space. — Charlotte S., Sinofied and Japanese History and Society Through Music

Other Coursework:

From Zen to J-pop \(^o^)/ Japanese History and Society Through Music (Cornell University, 2015-16; password: perspective)

Introduction to Ethnomusicology (Binghamton University, Fall 2018)

The Music of Asia (Binghamton University, Fall 2018)

My First Japanese Class with SSHH in New York City

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