A life-long pianist, I was self-taught before undertaking formal classical study at Cornell University for two and a half years. I also play trumpet, and have worked with players including Lester Bowie, Joe Magnarelli, and  Wynton Marsalis.

I have performed at venues including Middlebury College, Cornell University, Carnegie Hall, ISSUE Project Room, Forestlimit (Tokyo), Socore Factoy (Osaka), the Vermont Contemporary Music Festival, and the Vermont Dairy Co-op (yes, really).

I also disc jockey for 8ball Radio in New York City (my show is called Musicology Fun Hour) and, though not my primary musical vocation, there is photographic evidence of me DJing in a few Japanese clubs floating somewhere on the internet…

Some of my music can be found on SoundCloud (which I need to and will update soon…). 

Archives of my first season of Musicology Fun Hour — all vinyl, and no, I don’t mess around — are accessible here:

Week 1: Japanese Music

Week 2: Disco Deep Dive

Week 3: Going Electric

Week 4: The Cool Kid’s Guide to Classical Music

Week 5: Alternative Blues Histories 

Week 6: Genre Hodge-Podge (Surprises GUARANTEED) 

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