I am an author, ethnomusicologist, performing musician, and educator currently living in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up on the end of a dirt road in rural northern Vermont, just south of the French Canadian border.

After earning a PhD in Musicology from Cornell University in 2018, I left academia to pursue public intellectualism: a practical application of the theoretical training I received during the course of my education.

You can buy my first book, JAPANTHEM, here— and you can find my podcast, ACADEMIC DEFECTORS, here.

I speak Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Having lived in Japan on-and-off for four cumulative years (and counting), I am also dedicated to bridging socio-cultural gaps through music, teaching, and writing. My activities have been supported by the Fulbright Foundation, MTV, and the US Department of State, among other institutions.

Feel free to send a message to <jlm1987@protonmail.com>.

You can also find my reluctant social media profiles here: Instagram + Twitter.

Thank you for visiting. And here’s me!